What’s the difference between a psychic and astrologer?

What’s the difference between a psychic and astrologer?

Well, first let me clarify something. There are astrologers who are psychic. They sometimes call themselves psychic astrologers. However, you don’t have to be a psychic to be an astrologer. Here’s why. A psychic, by definition, uses extra-sensory abilities to gain insights about people, their future or the things around them. There’s nothing really extra-sensory about astrology.

Astrologers use the same mathematical means as astronomers to determine where the planets are. (And we still use Pluto!) What we do that’s different from the scientists is that we have come to understand that the planets have meaning when they “arrange” themselves in particular ways. The graphic representation of that “arrangement” is called a chart. From a chart, the astrologer intuits and studies what the planets mean for a situation and a person. That’s not psychic.

A psychic is often who has had to develop her or his own meanings of his or her own personal symbols. They may see fire in touching someone and may think this person might either be exposed to fire soon OR that they may be very angry or “hot” in some manner. Likewise, a psychic may hear a name or a particular “voice” with a person. It may or may not be a connection to the person involved, but a psychic can only draw on what’s in his or her experience and understanding of their symbols.

An astrologer, however, can draw on over 6,000 years of written recollection of what particular symbols, called planets, and their arrangements can mean in a situation or person’s life. In this sense, it is a more consistent and reliable art form than what any particular psychic might intuit. It doesn’t mean that an astrologer is always more right than a psychic. In fact, the astrologer is the weakest link in the art form. However, it does mean that an astrologer, if in the right frame of mind, must work only to be open to the symbols of a chart, not have to concentrate to generate meaning for symbols and impressions that may be foreign to him or her, like a psychic. Likewise, there’s a higher chance that 10 different astrologers may come to say fairly similar things about one chart than the possibility of 10 different psychics.

Again, an astrologer is not necessarily and completely distinct from being a psychic. But you don’t have to be a psychic to be a great astrologer. In fact, some argue just the opposite. The worse of a psychic you are, the better your chances of just relating to the astrology symbols intuitively, without picking up a lot of psychic static. I don’t know about that. But it’s food for thought. For sure, though, astrology is one consistent way to tap into the meanings of the universe as you can SEE the “symbols” in the sky. (Sometimes the moon seems close enough to TOUCH! ) There are some great, great psychics out there, but even they will tell you that consistency of their “sight” is the one thing that can elude them. With astrology, our symbols surround us all the time, we just have to be open enough to receive their messages.

All the best, always, in all ways,
Samuel F. Reynolds, M.A.

The Astrology Career Institute and Return to the Source


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